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Chair Buying Guide 2020

Relax Your Way

Our range of chairs is truly amazing, with so many choices it's easy to create your perfect look. From chaise to cuddler, armchair to accent and recliner to swivel – you'll love sitting, snuggling, sleeping and even listening to music. Here's our experts' guide to our extensive collection.

  • Accent chairs

    Accent chairs are a great way to bring life into a room, designed to either complement the decor, draw out a particular colour or add contrast to liven up a monotone space. They can be added to any room whether it’s the living room, conservatory or hallway. There are lots of different styles available in our Chair Edit range, a stunning selection to give any space the wow factor.

  • Swivel chairs

    Swivel chairs are perfect for laid back living, they are like an oversized armchair in disguise which spin a full 360 degrees. Also referred to as love seats or cuddlers, they typically seat 2 people but why not spread out and have the space all to yourself. They are great for smaller rooms as they are narrower than a standard sofa.

  • Chair beds

    Chair beds are not only luxurious but great for unexpected guests and work brilliantly in any room. Whether you have the occasional guest or people to stay more regularly our chair beds are just as comfy for sitting and sleeping. Great for saving space and cleverly designed with style and practicality in mind.

  • Bedroom chairs

    Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping, a bedroom chair is the perfect opportunity to make a statement and liven up your bedroom. Choose something stylish to throw your clothes on at the end of the day. From unique chaises lounges to plush upholstered armchairs, transform your bedroom with a bold chair.

Leather or fabulous fabric

Our chair range is all about choice. So whether it's a 100% leather armchair or recliner, or a stylish accent chair or chaise longue in the perfect fabric, we've got something for you.

Make a statment

Statement chairs can really bring a room to life by allowing you to create a whole new look with just one key piece. Whether you want to make your statement with size, colour, shape or pattern. Jazz up a minimalistic room with some pattern play, from bold stripes and multi-coloured patchwork to blossoming florals and fierce animal prints. We have a vibrant selection of multi-coloured chairs and luxurious plush velvet chairs.

Choose the perfect recliner chair

Recliner chairs are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and features. There is a wide choice from manual to electric tilting mechanisms and there are even options to help people with reduced mobility. Read our guide and choose the recliner chair that suits you best.

  • Simply manual

    Manual recliner chairs work through a simple system with a lever. When you pull the handle, it tilts back and a footstool emerges for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Thanks to the advanced design these armchairs allow you to quickly and efficiently return them to their upright position.

    Many of our manual reclining chairs are equipped with extras, such as adjustable headrests and a two-position backrest. You can completely recline them even if they are only a few centimetres from the wall, saving space.

  • Power recliners

    Relaxed recliner chairs work with buttons and electric motors instead of manual levers.This makes them super handy and easy to use as no physical strength is required to sit back. Tilting recliners, both electric and battery powered, is effortlessly smooth and most armchairs allow you to capture and lock your favorite angle of inclination for optimal comfort.

    In addition, many armchairs offer extras such as adjustable headrests and can recline completely, even if they are only a few centimeters from the wall. A perfect luxury addition to any room, large or small.

  • Rise & Tilt recliners

    The armchairs with a mechanism for raising and tilting (the so-called Rise & Tilt) are electrically driven armchairs that are perfect for people with mobility problems, the disabled or the elderly. These armchairs have a smart design that focuses on comfort and ease of use: a built-in mechanism raises the armchair and tilts it gradually until it is in a position where the user can easily get in or out of the armchair.

    These armchairs help lift the person using the chair from sitting to standing position and vice versa in one smooth motion. Once seated, the armchair can also lean back and give the person support, relief and relaxation with various options for raising and footrest positions.

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