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  • The Jordan family

    From London

    The Jordan Family Video
    open Speech   Sometimes I like to sleep on my sofa - it's more comfy than my bed!   close Speech

    Claire Jordan

  • The Durrell family

    From Dorset

    The Durrell Family Video
    open Speech   We had a look around several places, but we saw the one that we liked in DFS   close Speech

    Katrina Durrell

  • The Maynard’s

    From Cheshire

    The Maynard Family Video
    open Speech   Style and quality from our perspective has been excellent   close Speech

    Juliana Maynard

  • The Palmer family

    From Carlisle

    The Palmer Family Video
    open Speech   This is where we all come together, we never meet in any other room apart from in here… we all curl up and watch telly together and talk   close Speech

    Rowan Palmer

  • The Munro family

    From Glasgow

    The Munro Family Video
    open Speech   The suite is lovely… the quality is really, really good. It's British-made too, which is a good thing   close Speech

    Helen Munro