A Wetherspoons chef recently went viral for posting on TikTok about the way the pub chain prepare meals - he since claims to have been fired for breaching company policy.


Now a McDonald's employee has become a social media sensation for doing something very similar.

A user named @austin.martinn has garnered thousands of followers and likes for his videos inside a McDonald's kitchen.
The worker shares a look at what really goes on inside one of the fast food chain's restaurants and how they make certain items.


Most recently he has revealed how they cook the eggs for McMuffins.
The eggs have always been a big talking point, with some accusing the fast food giant of using 'fake' eggs.


However Austin's video shows the truth.
In the clip, eggs are cracked into rounds on a tray. Once the tray is full, the worker uses a tool to tap each of the yolks.


The eggs are then placed in a special machine, the lid is pulled down and water is added into the top.

By the end of the video, he opens the lid to reveal perfectly round, cooked eggs, all ready to be served up to hungry customers.